What you’ll do on the weekend

The weekends starts at 7.30pm Friday evening, finishing at approximately 4pm Sunday afternoon. Two-nights’ accommodation and all meals are included. The format involves a series of short informal talks given by people who’ve attended earlier enrichment weekends, interwoven with plenty of time for you as a couple to spend with each other.

Topics focus on building closeness, intimacy, romance and love into everyday life:

  • Making time for each other in the midst of busy family life
  • Dealing with difficult topics - having hard conversations without stress, hassles or bitterness
  • Strengthening couple and family units
  • Understanding marriage in our community
  • What has God and the church got to do with you and your marriage
  • The benefits of listening and being listened to
  • Taking time to enjoy your special relationship as a couple

The weekend is all about giving you couple time to work on your relationship privately together. There’s no pressure to participate in group sharing.